Site Security:

Clarendon Securty Services will control access at your site, watching over cars in the lot and assisting getting your guests in and out of traffic. We can supply the overnight security to make you feel safe.We can help by providing both access controls via a guest list and lot security during special events. Usually, a plain clothes officer stands with your family member, checking the door for those unwanted guests. If they arrive, the officer removes them outside, avoiding a problem. The lot officer makes sure that no vandalism occurs during the ceremony. This way your day remains the event that it should be.

Crowd Control:

Clarendon Security Services has an outstanding reputation for skilled and effective crowd control. All of our security personnel have the credentials and on the ground expertise to quickly indentify potential threats. This enables them to quickly think on the spot and design appropriate actions to mitigate risk and achieve controlled outcomes with even the most challenging events.

Mobile Patrols:

Clarendon Security Services offers wide ranging security guard services with a particular emphasis on superior training and recruiting. Whether they are static, roaming, mobile or personal, guards are an integral part of maintaining security in all situations. There is very little that surpasses the peace of mind that comes with on the ground guards. We can provide you with a range of standard strategies or draw from our extensive experience to create a customised solution.

Static Guards:

We can provide fully uniformed or plain clothed officers for any job. The static duties include shopping centers, chemists, factories and warehouses and also 24 hour rotational guarding of premises in all situations including emergency repair supervision. Whether it be in a suit and tie, hi-vis work wear or dress pants and a polo shirt we have a uniform for all occasions. Static security officers are the most effective form of protection for client premises.

Loss Prevention:

Loss prevention plays a vital role in the protection of assets and physical operations of retail business. Clarendon Security has professional security officers to prevent loss due to theft by either customers or staff while meeting community expectations for a greater security presence.

Close Personal Protection:

Our personal protection (Body Guard) team provides the highest quality and level of protection offered. We protect celebrities, VIPs, entertainers and sporting VIPs, who are being targeted by obsessed fans, stalkers, or over zealous media. In addition to us protecting these identities, we also provide specialist security protection to company executives and individuals whilst attending court.

Asset protection:

Clarendon Security Services combines an extensive range of services to provide you with complete peace of mind. Our experienced management will ensure your protection - your property, your assets, your reputation, your people and your customers. All of our asset protection team are vetted for the international standards for security and control and hold current security guard licenses. They are highly trained, uniformed and licensed security officers.


We have the capability to provide armed escort services / unarmed escort services and services for cargos for various industries and corporate houses. These services are perfect for diamond merchants, airlines who seek escorts for individuals or cargos between destinations. Our trained personnel make excellent escorts that can be armed or unarmed as per the requirements of our clients and are deployed at different locations including corporate houses. They are also serving as guards in industries, establishments and residential complexes.

Corporate Functions:

Corporate security serves to identify and effectively manage the key points in creating a secure workplace. Our Security team will assist you in closely monitoring all functions within your business, and put into place a strategy to ensure that your staff and visitors are safe at all times. Our specialized personnel are well presented, appropriately attired to clients needs and operate as low profile, highly trained operatives. Our staff is trained to apply first aid, assist in emergency evacuations and carefully monitor and discretely handle unduly intoxicated attendees.